Cost Arbitrage

Cloud Cost Arbitrage

The Hybrid Cloud is here!!! Enterprises are now free to use as many different cloud providers as it makes sense to do so.

Some cloud providers have distinct advantages over others. Features such as data mining, AI, video streaming, and other high bandwidth and high compute applications may be very well suited to one particular cloud provider over another. However, some cloud features are pure commodities. They act the same on one cloud as they do another.

In the case of commodity services in the presence of hybrid cloud, it really makes the most sense to use the lowest cost provider for these services. At FinOptimized, we call this "Cloud Cost Arbitrage" - utilizing the lowest cost commodity services that still meet your service object and lower your overall spend.

Cloud Service Cost Optimization

Four our clients, we audit the following cloud services and see if we can get the same or better service level at a lower cost, optimizing cloud spent without compromising performance.

  • Virtual Machines

  • Dedicated Servers

  • Compute Engine

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Managed Kubernetes

  • Database

  • S3 Object Storage

  • Cloud Backup